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So I bought an iTunes Japan giftcard to buy Takarazuka songs, followed all the online how-to instructions on creating an iTunes Japan account when you don’t live there, and it still didn’t work.

Here's the relevant screen:

It may be something about the latest iteration of iTunes + Windows, I don't know. Or it may be that I screwed this up in some way that is not obvious to me.

Does anyone have any help or advice? Whatever you can do for me, fellow fans, I'd appreciate it.

Fixed! Thanks bizarro-sai and chibi-koun! Apparently it was Windows that was the culprit, and once I got brave enough to use my ipod (After backing it up) and get over my fears of it erasing all my data, it worked great.

Bought my songs, converted them to MP3, copied them to my non-iTunes-purchased music folder, logged out, logged in as my US account, and “added new files”. Woo!
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The beneficent wonderful straight people are here to save us poor queers from those mean nasty slashers using us for their pervy othering desires. (And / or the wrong "kind" of slasher. The kind with fewer enlightened trappings of guilt. Hey look guys! It's our straight slasher savior!)

Everyone thank the straight people. Awww.

But oh! Wait!

Some of those mean nasty slashers, no wait, a LOT of those mean nasty slashers are queer too! HOLD THE PHONE!

I'm a lesbian. I always would have been no matter what I read. I'm not secretly a straight girl saying this for indie cred / oppression olympics points. I am the real freaking deal. And I'm not alone. We're here, we exist and there are a hell of a lot of us. You may not realize that the fan you're talking to is L/G/B/T or Q, but when you talk about slash fanfiction writing fans as straight women - usually right before saying something moderately to severely insulting about us - you're erasing us. You're telling us we don't matter in the service of making your little crusade to "benefit" us. WHOOP DE FREAKING DO. I feel so protected!

Is some slash fanfiction written by straight people creepy and exploitative, or at the very least kind of hinky? Sure. Do some non-straight people feel skeeved or exploited by it? I wouldn't be surprised, and I'm sure their thoughts are interesting and valid.

But so are the opinions and feelings of the L/G/B/T and Q people actually in slash fandom. Like me. And look at your fic comms, look at your f-lists. We're here.  Don't ignore us or pretend we don't exist or are somehow unimportant if you're really as interested in the feelings of the non-straight as you claim.

Would I still be a lesbian without slash? Hell yes. I'd just have spent my late teen years a hell of a lot more confused and alone. I like reimagining the fictional world as being as gay as the real one I live in. I like having thousands and thousands of wonderful, creative, interesting writers to help me do it. And it doesn't bother me that a large percentage of them are straight any more than it bothers me to watch straight musicals written by gay people. That's just me.

Some people who are being a lot more articulate than I'm feeling have some interesting things to say on the subject, and some interesting comment threads too, so I'll just go and redirect you there. Over to you, Fairestcat and Maryaminx.

Disclaimer: I do not know them from Adam, I do not claim to, but these two posts are pretty smart.
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Spock/Uhura is a pairing, not a warning.
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Dear Fandom,

Stop killing the women to get the babies. No, I'm serious. Stop killing the women to get the babies. And NO, being all "Oh, gee, I know this bothers some people, but I hope mine is different 'cause I actually like women" does NOT make it any better. Or at least, not better enough to count.

What the hell is this, a Disney movie? NOT ALL MOTHERS DIE.

I'm saying this as someone who *loves* kidfic, and loves slash, this nonsense gets old. Fast. In order to have the gay hero have kids, someone we have never seen before comes out of the woodwork, says "I'm dying" and conveniently bestows his biological kid upon him. And that, aside from a few sniffles on the kid's part, is the end of her.  Her death was a necessary entrance ticket to the world of biological fatherhood. And now that she's conveniently kicked the bucket, it is time for puppies and ice cream! Again and again and again.

If you don't have a female character whose life is already canonically in danger in some way (works in dangerous profession, already has life threatening illness, planet blew up) and/or  you don't intend to give her death any emotional impact of note to her child or its father, how do you not see this might be a kind of sketchy recurring trope? For a gay man to have a kid a woman he had sex with needs to die? She's a pasted on dead womb! Wooo.

Why can't the mother just not be ready for motherhood and give the father custody? Why not have a kid on purpose, and no one needs to die? Surrogacy or having a kid with a single woman or nice lesbian couple who want kids. If you're in the world of sci fi, I would like to introduce you to the concept of the uterine replicator. Oh those wacky Ancients / Mad Scientists / Aliens / Californians in Space! What about a pre-existing kid who is already a member of his family? Or why not some kid, not biologically related, already lacking parents? I hear there's this thing called adoption.

Do I mean you? Yes, I mean you. Whoever you are, reading this, however much I love your fic or you personally.

No, I don't tell you this in the comments of your fic, because that would be rude and pointless. And hey, other than that aspect, maybe you wrote a good story which I am pretending to myself began in a different way.

Yeah, I know this is kind of wanky for me, but for once I do not give a damn. I've seen it one too many times, with that stupid disclaimer attached. 

Note: comments are welcome, but if I don't already know who you are, I reserve the right not to care what a random stranger has to say.