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So last time on figure-modding for morons, I head-swapped  the 3 3/4" Chekov and Sulu figures, because the only other way to get Enterprise Uniform Chekov is to wait two months and then overpay. Unfortunately, the same thing is true of Enterprise Uniform McCoy. Why do you play us like this, Playmates Toys?

Therefore, this time I did the same thing with 6" Cadet McCoy and Enterprise Uniform Spock, but with the 6" line, there is an extra and very important step.

You may not know it, but those soft rubber shirts that come on the 6" figures are entirely removable - they aren't attached in any way, not even with a dab of glue. Because they are soft rubber, you're going to want to remove them before heating and popping off the heads so that they don't get in the way and/or melt a little. Allow me to demonstrate. (Instructional pictures under each cut tag)

They peel up pretty easy. )

The problem comes around the head, but they're fairly stretchy. )

Now you have a shirtless figure, ready for the head pop and swap! You do that exactly the same way as with the 3 3/4 figures. )
Put the shirts back on and you have an Enterprise Uniform McCoy and a Cadet Spock. )

Eventually I will figure out an easy way to modify the rank stripe, but if you come up with one before I do, tell me!

Now for some cautionary Star Trek figure-modding tales. Don't do what I did! )
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I was minding my own business, liking Star Trek, buying a small and not unreasonable amount of Star Trek merchandise. Then, one day I woke up to find I had descended to a depth of geekitude I had never before suspected in myself.

I had found the desire to modify action figures.

What the hell? How did this happen to me?

Oh wait, I wanted a mini bridge crew for my Christmas tree and saw this unfortunate news: "Chekov in Enterprise Uniform (available only online with this assortment)." Right, if I wanted Chekov in uniform, I needed to wait until January and then buy a giant expensive package of figures. What? No. Just no. *

Then I came upon a way of making my bridge crew dreams come true through a method so stupidly simple, even I couldn't mess it up.

I give you... The Head Swap!  (Instructional pictures under each cut tag)

First, you need a Cadet Chekov figure and a Sulu figure and a hair dryer. )

Next, you put the hair dryer on high and blow hot air from pretty close on the neck of the figure from all sides.  )

Then you quick pull off his head. Pop! Off it comes! Pretty easy too.  )

Then you switch the heads. Voila! Now you have a Chekov in a gold uniform and a Cadet Sulu action figure too!  )
alder knight, want a Cadet Sulu action figure?

*Yeah, or buy him at the vastly inflated rate of $20 after shipping from a shady figure broker. I know. But hell no. This was cheaper, faster and more fun, and I got two figures out of it.
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Some of you might remember my Star Trek fic, Species Diversity and You written for Trek Novel Fest. Now it has been interpreted into a short fanfilm directed by ink_n_imp, starring real live fan actors! I am very proud.

It has just been unveiled at the Halloween party ink_n_imp threw tonight with gleeful_t's kind assistance, and I'm proud to be able to link it in my journal!Title, rating, warnings, spoilers and summary as if it were a fic )

Species Diversity and You: A Sexual Safety Presentation.

By Antonella Inserra and A. Bertram Wilberforce

From the story by Grey Bard

Or direct link

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Last Week on Planet Nauyuk, McCoy was savaged by a Yam Fry being and valiantly rescued by Uhura...
Action Figure Theater Presents...

SILENCE OF THE CLONES! (And other adventures of the cunning cadets of Starfleet Academy)
Directed by alder_knight and grey_bard

More adventures here! )

What new adventures confront our heroes in the face of this pod-person conspiracy? Tune in after our one week hiatus and find out!

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Action Figure Theater Presents...

WHEN YAM FRIES ATTACK! (And other adventures of the cunning cadets of Starfleet Academy)
Directed by <lj user=grey-bard> and <lj user=alder_knight>

While on their training cruise on the Yorktown, cadets Uhura and McCoy beam down to a strange planet on a mission for their xenobiology class.
More adventure here! )

NEXT WEEK on Planet Nauyuk... Our intrepid cadets enter a strange red-lit facility, never suspecting the shocking truth they will uncover.
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Title: Species Diversity and You: A Sexual Safety Presentation
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Innuendo, humor and mild subversiveness
Spoilers: Passing reference to an element of the Enterprise episode "Cogenitor"
Summary: A presentation from Starfleet Medical's Sexual Safety program, presented by cute animated mascots
Word count: 1,024
Genre: Gen, I suppose, since no characters actually *do* anything, they just talk about theoretical other beings doing it.
Email: fitzrose @
Notes: Written for Trek Novel Fest, inspired by the meta-tastic "instructional filmstrip" humor piece "Dilithium and You!" that somehow made it into an authorized novel despite being hilariously biting and true.

FROM Species Diversity and You, an animated presentation from Starfleet Medical's Sexual Safety program, mandatory viewing for all Starfleet personnel upon leaving their planet of origin. )
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...What would you put in it?

I'm going to see it again tomorrow with a friend and I have every intention of playing one. Well, only with something else instead of booze because we'll be in a theater and neither of us are particularly drinkers. Both of us have watched Star Trek TOS, although not obsessively.

So far I have:

- Kirk falls off of something and clings dramatically


- Kirk wades into a fight cockily and loses hilariously thus needing to run away or be rescued

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I'm predisposed to like this movie because I liked original Trek and I universally hate Trek movies.

Hold up, what?

Well, I universally hate Trek movies. Even Wrath of Khan, aside from the bits with Spock being awesome. But Spock is *always* awesome, so I feel this does not count. They should have done more with the incredibly cool potential of Khan Noonien Singh than: I shoot your ship, leave you for dead, you fix it and shoot my ship, leave me for dead, wash rinse repeat several times.

BAH, I say.

So I was primed to like a Trek movie that, er. Tried a different approach than the other ones, so to speak.

And I did like it, I liked it way more than any other Trek movie ever, I will totally see the sequels, but I have a few comments. Only moderately spoilery.

Oh really, Star Trek? )