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Two weeks ago, during Vividcon, I tried to upload my new vid "Like it or Not" to Youtube. It was immediately frozen, before even going live, by a copyright claim. I uploaded my vid to Vimeo, but I decided to dispute it. I suspected the OTW might be able to help.

I spelunked around the website a bit until I found this:

I defended my vid as fair use as a transformative work, linked several of the authoritative sources linked in the post and never heard back. But tonight I went on to Youtube to see what happened, and my vid was live!

Thank you,Organization for Transformational Works!

Here it is, live on Youtube!


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Say it with me. "I don't consent to searches." One more time: "I don't consent to searches."

"I'm sorry officer, I can't open the door without a warrant." Let's repeat: "I'm sorry officer, I can't open the door without a warrant."

Not letting the cops into your house, car or other property without a warrant doesn't make you a bad citizen. It doesn't mean you're getting in the way of an investigation. It's called reasonable cause, and not only is it totally legal and respectable in the USA, it is the backbone of good police work. Not to mention the Bill of Rights.

If they threaten you with a grenade, smoke or otherwise? Dude. That's totally illegal and will get their evidence thrown out of court.

I have the utmost respect for law enforcement officers. I think Hawaii 5-0 is hilarious fun. But say it with me, people: "I'm sorry officer, I can't open the door w ithout a warrant."

For example: