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In the tradition of Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters and the Meowmorphosis... I bring you Pride and Prejudice and Kitties!

Starring those darlings of the stage and screen, mosellegreen's Ling and Leo*.

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Some of you may remember Mongor the Barbarian - a trailer starring my cat as Conan. This is like that, only with twice as many furry stars, and a plot!

* Yes, it's up on her account, but I vidded it. I was the director and producer, she was the cinematographer and casting director.
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My cat, Mongor The Barbarian Kitty, who I share with my parents and who currently lives with them, is an inveterate thief and attention seeker. Once he stole my mother's earrings and left toothmarks in them. But today has taken the cake in headdesk.

My parents like to sit out on the deck and Mongor, though not usually one to want to go out, gets lonely and wants to join them. So they decided to try him on a harness and leash, and duly purchased a set last night. He allowed the harness to be put on without any trouble, and it was adjusted to fit, removed for future use, and put on the kitchen counter.

This morning it was gone. Somewhere, in that house, there is a cat harness. Possibly under the stove or behind the hot water heater, cached in Mongor's hoard of loot.

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Mongor! What is best in life?

Some of you may know that I have a small, bratty foster cat. I am now pleased to announce that I have adopted the small, bratty foster cat*!

Everyone deserves a fun internet name, and thus, I declare this beast... MONGOR, KITTY BARBARIAN!

My cat is very fast, very strong and enthusiastic about killing things, all of which would make for a fantastic barbarian. He's also not very bright and a teeny tiny ten pound tom cat, but you can't have everything.

In recognition of this fact, I introduce him to you via his own personal home-vidded title sequence!


By the way,I am offering to make a similar title sequence to the music of your choice for your pet or pets (or kids, or friends, or self) as an item on help_japan. Bidding startshere at a mere $5!

*Well, I and my parents. Between the three of us, he will always have a home, even when my parents travel the world after retirement. For now I visit them on weekends.