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So if someone... theoretically, of course... wanted to make a constructed reality vid from the point of view of Mal in Inception with her as the narrator of Jonathan Coulton's Portal theme song "Still Alive" , possible added source video for this vid could best be found where? Suggestions?

To clarify, in its most basic form, this would be cheerfully malicious Mal explaining that, in fact, she's still alive, Dom is delusional, and she's laughing at him. Therefore, I need footage of "Mal" "alive" and outside the dream. Bonus points for footage of Leonardo Di Caprio or someone who can be used as a stand-in passed out in a hospital bed.

Of course, the alternate possibility is that by alive, it is the projection as narrator and Cobb didn't get rid of her after all, but that's only if I can't find suitable source - or you guys think the original idea was dumb.


(Also, let me know if someone already did this and you happen to know about it)