Jun. 28th, 2017

grey_bard: (Default)
Watching The Force Awakens, I loved both Finn and Rey on their own as equally interesting and strong characters, but I also really loved their interactions and the way they worked together.

I love adventure stories, slice of life in space/world building, future fic, time travel and both happy and happy-for-now endings. Epistolary, Five Things and experimental story formats are all fine with me! One thing I'd be fascinated to see is them in your take on any era or version of the Star Wars Universe past, present, future or alternate timeline. I'm not a purist, mix and match or go wild! Alternately, I'd love to see a what-happens-next set at some point after The Force Awakens, or any kind of AU your heart desires. 

I don't care whether the story is about them getting together, if they're in an established romantic relationship, if it is a pre-relationship story full of UST, or if it is just a really, really close Rey and Finn gen story.

What I am not interested in is a traditional het romance novel style story in which one character is the main character and the other is only their love interest, or a story about pregnancy, infidelity or rape.