Apr. 3rd, 2011

grey_bard: (Useless Knowledge?)

Dear Roommates, (yes, all of you), do let me know what you think of the starting episodes ofthe shows I hooked you up with. I'm really interested in what you make of them, for good or for ill. Feel free to tell me if you hated them and why! Of course, loving them would work too...

Dear Drag Queens I went to see at the con who are not reading this, I love you.

Dear All Muskrats, all of you were great and I enjoyed everyone I talked to. You rock! Fellow fans just make life so much better. How are you doing? Did you make it home without disaster? Talk to me!

People who may be interested in the awesome wtf that is My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic now, after I buttonholed you about it... I can help you with that!

People I told about Sam Winchester as Fenton The Death Sheep - you can find that vid here. Yes, his Demon Blood arc maps perfectly, season by season, onto the musical tale of a killer wooly lamb that took over hell.

People I told about the Q Is In Bed With Picard A Lot and chases him to I Want You Bad vid,it is here. (Yeah, same vidder, yeah, she's my friend, deal with it. The vids are OBJECTIVELY AWESOME.)

People I told about the two-part BBC Sherlock/Addams Family crossover where John is half-Addams, you can find them here.

People interested in vidding with netbooks, the programs I use are:

-This hack (which you're going to need to reinstall every time Windows updates but oh well) will fool your netbook into thinking it has greater resolution and thus allow you to run video editing programs that require it. (Free!)

- Handbrake and Dvd43 to rip source video from dvd (Free!)

- Super to convert source video into different formats for various vidding purposes (Free!)

- Corel Video Studio (I use it on my netbook, I like it a lot, and it does everything I could ask. Full version free for a month, and MUCH cheaper than Adobe if you choose to buy. Like 3 times cheaper. It costs more than when I bought an earlier version last year, but it's still relatively cheap and a month is enough time to make a vid anyhow.)

More on this later!