Mar. 23rd, 2011

grey_bard: (Scary writer place)

Mongor! What is best in life?

Some of you may know that I have a small, bratty foster cat. I am now pleased to announce that I have adopted the small, bratty foster cat*!

Everyone deserves a fun internet name, and thus, I declare this beast... MONGOR, KITTY BARBARIAN!

My cat is very fast, very strong and enthusiastic about killing things, all of which would make for a fantastic barbarian. He's also not very bright and a teeny tiny ten pound tom cat, but you can't have everything.

In recognition of this fact, I introduce him to you via his own personal home-vidded title sequence!


By the way,I am offering to make a similar title sequence to the music of your choice for your pet or pets (or kids, or friends, or self) as an item on help_japan. Bidding startshere at a mere $5!

*Well, I and my parents. Between the three of us, he will always have a home, even when my parents travel the world after retirement. For now I visit them on weekends.