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Legend of the Galactic Heroes
@ Takarazuka stream, tonight 5/28, 9 pm EST on

LITERAL space opera!

Yoshiki Tanaka’s science fiction series “Legend of the Galactic Heroes” aka “Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu” and the all-female musical theater of the Takarazuka Revue. There are no subtitles yet, but as a  book fan, I will be able to explain the plot in chat.

Note, if you like Star Wars Clone Wars I suspect you’ll like Legend of the Galactic Heroes. The first three novels are out in English, and the new anime is supposedly due out this fall. (There’s a very, very, very long 90′s anime of it bootleg translated on Youtube, but you could just, you know. Read the books.)

The European timezone rescreening screening to come in the near future.


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Date: 2017-05-28 07:15 pm (UTC)
ride_4ever: (RayK busy)
From: [personal profile] ride_4ever
This looks amazing! Alas, I will be busy with Memorial Day weekend things and not able to be online at that time.

Do you have any 2017-2018 con plans where you might do another Takarazuka room party?

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Date: 2017-05-30 07:51 pm (UTC)
ride_4ever: (PGA icon)
From: [personal profile] ride_4ever
Hope to see you at ConneXions! I'm def going, and if you do a Takarazuka room party that's not in schedule conflict with my dSC6D room party, I'll be there.

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Date: 2017-06-01 09:44 pm (UTC)
ride_4ever: (Always on My Mind)
From: [personal profile] ride_4ever
Won't be scheduled 'til I check schedules at the con with fen who want to have a dSC6D-watch room party with me.

Also, if you do have a time in mind as most likely for yours, go ahead and LMK.

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Date: 2017-06-02 02:58 am (UTC)
ride_4ever: (I Heart My Flist)
From: [personal profile] ride_4ever
The DIY idea is cool too....

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Date: 2017-07-19 11:30 pm (UTC)
ride_4ever: (dS logo ANIMATED)
From: [personal profile] ride_4ever
Packing now for ConneXions -- see you and Takarazuka soon!

I'll be meeting with dS fen tomorrow night to discuss what time for dS room party. Do you have any pref at this point for which night and time for your Takarazuka room party?

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Date: 2017-07-21 01:42 am (UTC)
ride_4ever: (FK back you up)
From: [personal profile] ride_4ever
Okay! I'll do my room party on Friday so I can be free for Takarazuka on Saturday! (Bummer that you couldn't get Friday off work.)

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Date: 2017-05-30 01:03 am (UTC)
devon: from LARP attack - see 08jul2005 on my LJ (Default)
From: [personal profile] devon
My husband has the 90's anime. He prefers to think of it as "fan translated." :D

I actually prefer to look at these lovely ladies in fancy, satin, military outfits and wigs with great fringe.