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So I bought an iTunes Japan giftcard to buy Takarazuka songs, followed all the online how-to instructions on creating an iTunes Japan account when you don’t live there, and it still didn’t work.

Here's the relevant screen:

It may be something about the latest iteration of iTunes + Windows, I don't know. Or it may be that I screwed this up in some way that is not obvious to me.

Does anyone have any help or advice? Whatever you can do for me, fellow fans, I'd appreciate it.

Fixed! Thanks bizarro-sai and chibi-koun! Apparently it was Windows that was the culprit, and once I got brave enough to use my ipod (After backing it up) and get over my fears of it erasing all my data, it worked great.

Bought my songs, converted them to MP3, copied them to my non-iTunes-purchased music folder, logged out, logged in as my US account, and “added new files”. Woo!
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